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Answer in brief. (a) Why should we conserve biodiversity? (b) Protected forests are also not completely safe for wild animals. Why? (c) Some tribals depend on the jungle. How? (d) What are the causes and consequences of deforestation? (e) What is Red Data Book? (f) What do you understand by the term migration?


(a) An ecosystem is made up of all the plants, animals, and microorganisms that live in a given area, as well as non-living elements like climate, soil, and river deltas. If any of these components are disrupted or lost, the ecosystem's balance will be disrupted as well. As a result, we will face concerns such as climate change, putting our own survival in jeopardy. (b) Reserve woods, like wildlife sanctuaries, provide safe havens for wild creatures. Residents of wildlife sanctuaries are permitted to engage in specific activities such as grazing their cattle, collecting medicinal plants, and gathering firewood, among others. The animals' habitat is constantly disburbed and are unsafe as a result of human activity in the protected forests. (c) Tribes rely on the jungle for firewood, fruits, livestock grazing, medicinal plant collection, and a variety of other activities. (d) Deforestation occurs when forests are cleared and the land is used for other purposes. Forest trees are cut down for a variety of reasons, including obtaining space for farming, constructing buildings and factories, creating furniture, and using wood as fuel. Forest fires and severe droughts are examples of natural causes of deforestation. Deforestation can cause global warming by increasing the earth's temperature and pollutant levels. The physical properties of soil are affected by plantation and vegetation. The disappearance of trees accelerates soil erosion. When the top layer of soil is removed, the lower, hard, and rocky layers are revealed. Deserts are slowly displacing fertile land leading to Desertification. (e) The Red Data Book is a database that maintains track of all endangered animals and plants. An organisation maintains the Red Data Book on a global scale. India also keeps a Red Data Book for flora and fauna that can be found in the country. (f) Migration is the seasonal movement of animals from one habitat to another in search of food, better conditions, or reproductive need

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