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Write short notes on the following. (a) Cytoplasm (b) Nucleus of a cell.


(a) Between the cell membrane and the nucleus, there is a jelly-like substance. The cytoplasm contains a variety of additional cell components or organelles. These include mitochondria, Golgi bodies, ribosomes, and other structures. (b) The nucleus is a spherical organelle that is found at the centre of the cell. A membrane termed the nuclear membrane separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm. This membrane is also permeable, allowing materials to pass between the cytoplasm and the nucleus' interior. In the nucleus, there is a tiny spherical entity. It's known as the nucleolus. The nucleus also contains chromosomes, which are thread-like structures. These carry genes and aid in the transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring. Only after the cell divides can the chromosomes be seen. In addition to its involvement in inheritance, the nucleus serves as the control centre for the cell's activity.

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