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Question 2. Read the passage given below: 1. Getting enough sleep is as important as taking time out to relax. A good night’s sleep is essential for preserving the health of your brain and gives you the best chance to meet the coming day with a razor-sharp mind. An average person needs about six to eight hours of sleep a night—although it is also true that you need slightly less than this, as you grow older-another advantage of ageing stress and sleep deprivation often feed on each other since stress tends to make it harder for you to fall asleep at night and sleep deprivation in itself causes stress. 2. Eventually, too little sleep can dramatically interfere with the performance of your memory-something you ob


TITLE: BENEFITS OF A GOOD SLEEP 1. Imp. of enough sleep (i) Essential for the health of the brain (ii) Gives chance to meet the cmng. day with a razor sharp mind (iii) Avg. person reqrs. six to eight hour sleep a night 2. Effects of little sleep or insomnia (i) Interferes with memory (ii) Depletes immune system (iii) Makes you accident prone. (iv) Causes depression 3. Stress mngmnt. and meditation (i) Max. brain power (ii) Brings best ideas and memories (iii) Develops peace of mind (iv) Protects brain against aging. Imp.-Importance Cmng.— Coming Avg— Average Reqrs.— Requires Mngmnt.— Management Max.— Maximise.

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