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Question 4. You bought a refrigerator two months ago from Mohan Sales, Ashok Vihar, Bangalore. It has developed certain problems regarding its functioning. The cooling has stopped and it is making a lot of noise. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager asking him for immediate repair/replacement of the same. You are Sachin/ Shashi, 61 Pratap Enclave, Bangalore. (100-125 words)


61, Pratap Enclave Bangalore 10th August, 20XX The Manager Mohan Sales, Ashok Vihar Bangalore Subject. : Complaint regarding defective refrigerator Sir, Two months ago, I purchased a double door five star Samsung refrigerator in the colour cherry red, model no. A 233408 vide cash memo no. 453, dated 10th June, 20XX from your showroom. I was extremely happy to have purchased such a branded product but to my utter disappointment, it has not been working properly for the past few days. Though for the first six weeks, it gave a trouble-free service but after that, it started having problems. Its cooling has stopped and it makes a lot of noise too. Sometimes it even gives shock and gets heated quickly. Therefore, I request you to send your service engineer to check its functioning. In case there is any serious technical fault, I would like you to replace it as it is under the warranty period. I hope you would do the needful. Thanking You Yours faithfully Sachin/Shashi

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