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Question 6. In your locality, a blood donation camp was organized by an NGO- ‘For Your Health’. Many people visited the camp and donated blood. Write a report in 150-200 words for a local newspaper covering the arrangements, doctors, team, refreshments served etc.


BLOOD DONATION CAMP By XYZ, staff reporter 24th June, 20XX: ‘A blood donation camp’ was organized by an NGO ‘For Your Health’ yesterday in our society. A team of eminent doctors and their efficient staff attended the camp. The main objective of organizing this camp was to emphasize the need of creating awareness among the people about the need for blood donation. People in large numbers came to donate blood wholeheartedly for this noble cause. It was so overwhelming to see their enthusiasm. The event made it clear that there are still lots of people who give their selfless contributions to save the life of others. Blood donation is ranked as the highest form of service towards mankind. Addressing the gathering, the chief of medical staff told that it was a matter of pleasure to see the enthusiastic response of the public for such a cause. He further added that donating blood regularly doesn’t affect health at all, Impressed by his speech, many people took an oath to donate blood whenever required. At the end of the event, juice, fruits and other healthy refreshments were given to all those who donated their blood. Overall, the camp was a big success.

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