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Question 10. Answer any one of the following in 120-150 words: (ii) Write a character sketch of the Governor of Oxford Prison based on the story, ‘Evans Tries an O-level.


The Governor of Oxford Prison was a generous and understanding man who allowed Evans to appear for an O-level exam. Evans was a criminal and had escaped from jail earlier twice, so the governor took all the possible precautions for the smooth conduct of the examination. The examination had been arranged in the cell itself. The door was locked one day before and the security was made very tight. No visitors were allowed to see him and a microphone was fixed in the cell so that the Governor could hear every bit of a sound. Everything was checked thoroughly to ensure the ways that could help him escape. This shows that he was very wise; on the other hand, he was so simple that he couldn’t understand his cunningness of Evans. He didn’t realize the extent of Evans, cunningness. Governor was also trusting and therefore, he was fooled by Evans again in the end.

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