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Question 11. Answer any one of the following questions in 120-150 words : (i) Why was Mrs Hall happy to have a guest at ‘Coach and Horses’ Inn? How did the stranger behave at the inn?


Mrs Hall felt really happy to have a guest at ‘Coach and Horses' inn as there were not many guests staying at the Inn at that time of the season. As the stranger paid all his bills punctually and also paid in advance for his room. It made Mrs Hall quite happy. However, the stranger's arrival in the Iping created a curious impression. He used to argue with Mrs Hall on matters of domestic discipline. He told her to come inside his room only with his permission. The stranger never went to church and used to wear the same clothes hiding his face and complete body. He never talked to anyone at the inn. His temper was uncertain. He rarely left his room during daylight and used to travel only on nights. He chose the loneliest paths and those most overshadowed by trees.

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