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Question 11. Answer any one of the following questions in 120-150 words: (ii) Describe Mr Marvel’s meeting with the mariner at Port Stowe. What kind of person was the mariner?


(ii) Mr Marvel met the Mariner at Port Stowe who was an elderly sailor in Port Burdock. The Mariner got to know about the story of an invisible man roaming the city of Iping while reading a newspaper. He discusses the chaos created by Invisible Man in Iping with Mr Marvel. He is worried and uncomfortable as Invisible Man can roam anywhere and can hurt anyone. However, Mr Marvel says the news is a hoax, which makes the mariner furious and the two of them get engaged in a verbal fight which makes Marvel run away and leaves the mariner offended. Mariner seemed to be a righteous but short-tempered individual who although wishes to protect society by catching the invisible man, however, becomes too furious at Mr Marvel when declared the news a hoax.

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