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Question 11. Answer any one of the following questions in 120-150 words:(iv) Describe the circumstances under which Silas Mamer had to leave Lantern Yard.


(iv) Silas Marner had to leave Lantern Yard and move to Raveloe in shame as he was falsely accused of stealing from his church. When Silas moved to Raveloe, he left behind a full life in Lantern Yard and a community that once viewed Silas as a young man with a lot of potential. After William Dane frames Silas for theft, Silas lost the respect of his community as well as his own innocent faith in humanity and the woman he once loved. He left Lantern Yard in order to give himself a chance for starting a new life in Raveloe. However, Silas's life in Raveloe was isolated, as he chose to concentrate on his work and the earning of gold. He lived away from the community and away from any kind of lively interaction with other people. These choices made him feel quite lonely.

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