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Question 12. Answer any one of the following questions in 120-150 words: (i) How does the novel. ‘The Invisible Man’ highlights the theme of corruption of morals in the absence of social restriction?


The author in his story ‘The Invisible Man’ shows the extent to which a person can go when there is no social restriction around him. Griffin is an immoral man who is very self-centred. He was disliked by society due to his behaviour towards them. He does not think before doing any unethical and immoral acts such as robbing or making ill-treatment others. When he robbed his father which led him to commit suicide, he gave excuses at his funeral that he was a sentimental fool instead of being sorry. His ill-treatment of the cat or his act of burning the house proves that he did so to remove his crimes. And he can go to any extent for his own advantages.

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