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Question 12. Answer any one of the following questions in 120-150 words(ii) Compare and contrast Griffin (the invisible man) and Dr Kemp as scientists and also as members of society.


The two characters Dr Kemp and Griffin stand in stark contrast to one another. Though both Griffin and Kemp stand on the same pedestal of scientific research, they are poles apart when it comes to the values that they abide by. Dr Griffin is a psychotic person who has lost sight of the fact that humans are social creatures. He wants to rise in power above all his fellow humans and in one way or another rule them. His only aim in life is to keep his research going on. To do this he steals money from his own father who later commits suicide because the money was not his. There was not a tear of realization seen in Griffin even after seeing his father die. He rather calls his father an emotional fool at his funeral. This shows that nothing mattered to Griffin. He was so engulfed in the greed of his own desires that didn’t consider his family to be his own. Even after he became invisible, his misdeeds didn’t stop. He put all his energy into terrifying the people around him. On the other hand, Dr Kemp was a calm and composed man. He did everything he could for the welfare of society. He was a dedicated scientist who had helped Griffin when he was in need of help. Later when he realized the presence of the invisible man in his house, he observed and collected evidence to understand what he actually wanted. After coming to know that Griffin was the invisible man, he again agreed to help Griffin. However, after he read all the reports about the invisible man as printed in the newspapers, he sent a word to the police chief, Colonel Adye to come and arrest this criminal. Therefore, Kemp earns the admiration of the readers for the positive qualities of grit and determination.

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