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Question 12. Answer any one of the following questions in 120-150 words(iv) In ‘Siles Mamer’, describe the role of Dolly Winthrop.


Silas Marner is a man thirty-nine years old man who has been living in the countryside for fifteen years. He is by nature an asocial person who doesn’t like to communicate much with others. He also suffers from cataleptic fits at times. Silas has a bent appearance since he keeps himself weaving all day long. Although he appears to be one of the secluded characters of society, Silas is very soft at heart. This becomes clear because at no point in the novel does he do anything that is can harm anybody. His love for money is the result of his putting faith in god. He had been driven out of his town earlier and instead of proving his innocence, he laid his trust on god. Though he is the title character of the novel, Silas is by and largely passive, acted upon rather than acting on others. Almost all of the major events in the novel demonstrate his passivity. As an outcast who eventually becomes Raveloe’s most exemplary citizen, Silas serves as a study of the relationship between the individual and the community.

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