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Question 9. Answer any one of the following questions in 120-150 words:<br> (i) What kind of life did children living in Seemapuri lead?


Seemapuri is a settlement of more than 10,000 rag pickers situated on the periphery of Delhi. The people living there have migrated from Bangladesh. They lived in the structures of mud with roofs of tin and tarpaulin. They didn’t have any identity or permits. Their children also helped them in earning their livelihood. Saheb was one of the children who lived here. He was from a poor family in Bangladesh. In order to earn their livelihood, his family shifted to Delhi where they settled in Seemapuri. But when they found no work to do, they became rag pickers. They had to search the garbage like others for something to make their livelihood. Sahib, whose age was to enjoy life, go to school and live his childhood, also looked into the heaps of garbage for some coins. It was a tedious task as they used to leave their houses barefoot early in the morning with a bag on their shoulders. They did not have chappals, so they were not in a habit to wear them. Because their fields and homes were swept away in the flood in Bangladesh, so they came to the big city with hope but even here they led a miserable life.

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