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Define the following terms a) Electrophoresis b) Coagulation c) Macromolecular colloid


a) Electrophoresis is the technique to separate the DNA fragments on the basis of size under a uniform electric field. Electrophoresis of positively charged particles is sometimes called cataphoresis, while electrophoresis of negatively charged particles are sometimes called anaphoresis. b) Blood coagulation is a process that changes circulating substances within the blood into an insoluble gel. The gel plugs leak in blood vessels and stop the loss of blood. The process requires coagulation factors, calcium, and phospholipids. The coagulation factors (proteins) are manufactured by the liver. c) Macromolecular colloids: On dissolution, a large number of atoms or smaller molecules of a substance aggregate together to form species having a size in the colloidal range (diameter<1mm).

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