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Write the ways by which the rusting of iron can be prevented.


Rusting of iron can be prevented by following ways: (i) By coating with red lead oxide paint as in case of bridges and electric poles. (ii) By enamelling, ie, baking the iron articles with mixture of silicates at high temperature as in the case of cooking stoves, refrigerators, cup, plates, wash basins etc. (iii) By painting with enamel paints as in the case of iron doors and windows, car bodies, buses etc. (iv) By plastic coating as in the case of iron furniture and fixtures. (v) By oiling and greasing as in the case of movable parts of machinery. (vi) By galvanising ie, coating iron with a layer of zinc as in case of iron buckets, tubs, trunks and iron sheets used for roofing (vii) By tinning ie, coating iron with tin metal as in the case of tins used for packing processed food. (viii) By electroplating with chromium or nickel as in the case of bicycle handles, rims, bumpers etc. (ix) By converting iron into stainless steel. Stainless steel is used for making surgical instruments, kitchen utensils, cutlery and tools etc.

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