1. Q1 In which organism spore formation takes place?
  2. Q2 Write the function of following parts in human female reproductive system: Uterus
  3. Q3 What is the unique ability of a carbon atom?
  4. Q4 How would you distinguish between baking powder and washing soda by heating?
  5. Q5 What are hydrocarbons? Give two examples.
  6. Q6 Which of the following are used by females as a method of birth control?(i) Diaphragmbr(ii) Femidoms(iii)Copper T br (iv) Loops
  7. Q8 What is pollination? Mention the agents of pollination.
  8. Q9 Which of the following canals brought about greenery in Rajasthan?
  9. Q10 Based on the information given below, study these information related to answer the questions that follow: The pH scale can be used to determine the strength of acid solutions as well as basic solutions by making use of hydrogen ion concentrations in them. Consider two solutions A and B having pH values 3 and 9.5 respectively. Which of the following substances would have pH less than 7?