1. Q91 _____________ is software that is used to design pamphlets, brochures and visiting cards.
  2. Q92 Which of the following substances helps in reducing the irritation caused by the sting of an ant?
  3. Q94 What is the meaning of autotrophic nutrition?
  4. Q95 Explain the following (a) Copper and aluminium wires are usually employed for electricity transmission. Explain the reason (b) Explain how the resistance of a wire varies with its length. (c) The tungsten is used almost exclusively for filament of electric lamps.
  5. Q96 The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of ____.
  6. Q97 (a) Why is respiration considered as an exothermic reaction? (b) Define the terms oxidation and reduction. (c) Identify the substance that is oxidized and reduced in the following reaction.
  7. Q98 Name the type of lens which always produces virtual images.
  8. Q99 An object of size 10 cm is placed in front of a convex lens of focal length 20 cm. Find the size of the image formed.
  9. Q100 Define the SI units of current.