1. Q11 Which part of alimentary canal receives bile from the liver?
  2. Q12 The magnetism at the center of a bar magnet is
  3. Q13 Give the full form of CFCs?
  4. Q14 List two reasons to justify the selection of garden pea plants by Mendel for his experiments. Distinguish between dominant genes and recessive genes.
  5. Q15 Why are the elements of electrical heating appliances made of alloys instead of pure metals?
  6. Q16 Write the importance of using iodised salt in our daily diet?
  7. Q17 The part of the brain which is the center of intelligence is
  8. Q18 Classify the materials on the basis of their resistivities?
  9. Q19 Describe sexually transmitted disease and mention the ways to prevent them?
  10. Q20 Explains how fertilization takes place in flowering plants?