1. Q121 How two bones are connected?
  2. Q122 Is NH₄ Cl an acidic salt or basic?
  3. Q123 Use the appropriate verb forms mentioned in the brackets. 1. Have all the rules____ (not explain) to you by the examiner. (present perfect) 2. Are the children____(pluck) the flowers? (present continuous) 3. These awards____(sponsor) by our company. (present perfect) 4. These cheques____(not sign) by the manager. (present perfect)
  4. Q124 Describe the process of extraction of an active metal from chloride.
  5. Q125 A five rupee coin and a one-rupee coin. Which one has more inertia?
  6. Q126 What do you understand by Animation? How is it helpful in a presentation?
  7. Q127 What is an endothermic reaction?
  8. Q128 What is sericulture?
  9. Q129 The molecular formula of a compound is CH₂OH. Calculate its molecular mass in atomic mass units. Also, write down its molar mass. (atomic masses are: H = 1u, C = 12u, 0 = 16u)
  10. Q130 Define the following terms a) Electrophoresis b) Coagulation c) Macromolecular colloid