1. Q71 Why does sound travel faster on a rainy day than on a dry day?
  2. Q72 What is the relationship between the volume of a gas and its pressure at constant temperature?
  3. Q73 State the principle of conservation of momentum.
  4. Q74 What is rooftop gardening?
  5. Q75 What is a step down transformer? Give one situation where a step down transformer is used.
  6. Q76 Classify the following into alkanes, alkenes and alkynes: Butene, Propyne, Hexane, Pentyne, Ethane, Butyne, Ethene, Propane, Methane, Ethyne and Propene.
  7. Q77 What are hemichordata, urochordata and cephalochordata together called?
  8. Q78 What are the steps involved in the making of ceramic wares?
  9. Q79 What is the general formula for alkynes?
  10. Q80 Describe the shape of a red blood cell.