1. Q31 What is effect of increase in temperature on rate of reaction?
  2. Q32 What will be the color of the sky when it is observed from a place in the absence of any atmosphere?
  3. Q33 Show the formation of aluminum ions and chloride ions by transfer of electrons.
  4. Q34 State the role played by the following in the process of digestion. (1) Enzyme trypsin
  5. Q35 How does the creation of variations in a species promote survival ? Explain with the help of an example.
  6. Q36 Discuss some of the non-farming occupations.
  7. Q37 Which lens can we use to correct long sightedness in the human eye?
  8. Q38 What is a formula bar? How is it different from the name box?
  9. Q39 Explain how water changes into water vapours and how clouds are formed from it?
  10. Q40 What is the number of valence electrons in chlorine?