1. Q131 ____is a dark-colored, Viscous & foul-smelling liquid mined from the earth.
  2. Q132 What is the range of pH within which our body works?
  3. Q133 What effect does the concentration of H⁺ (aq) ions have on the nature of solutions?
  4. Q134 Fill in the blanks with = , > or <. For basic solutions [H⁺] ____[OH⁻]
  5. Q135 Write the ways by which the rusting of iron can be prevented.
  6. Q136 When an electric current flows through a metallic wire, the particles moving are?
  7. Q137 A student dissolved 1g of sugar in 10 ml of distilled water in a beaker A. He dissolved 10 g of sugar in 100 ml of distilled water in beaker B. Then he dropped a few raisins, in each. After two hours he found the raisins,
  8. Q139 The energy produced during respiration is stored in the form of: