1. Q191 What is fertilization? Explain various types of fertilization.
  2. Q192 Write down the names of the compounds represented by these formulas: a) Al₂(SO₄) b) CaCl₂ c) K₂SO₄ d) KNO₃ e) CaCO₃ f) NH₄Cl
  3. Q193 Which of the following is an air borne disease?
  4. Q194 The technique used for separating camphor from a mixture of camphor and common salt is:-
  5. Q195 Which of the following microbes is responsible for conversion of milk into curd?
  6. Q196 What is the climate? Explain with examples.
  7. Q197 All substances are made up of very ____ particles.
  8. Q198 In which BCE the ancient Olympic game was started?
  9. Q199 Evelyn concealed her growing deafness from friends and teachers because _____________.
  10. Q200 What do you understand about conservation of water?