1. Q181 Which of the following materials cannot be used to make a lens?
  2. Q182 Where should an object be placed in front of a convex lens to get a real image of the size of the object:
  3. Q183 Show how would you connect three resistors, each of resistance 6 ohm so that the combination has a resistance of 4Ω.
  4. Q184 Name the part of neuron through which information travels as an electrical impulse.
  5. Q185 Which sources produce alternating current?
  6. Q186 Why is forest considered a natural ecosystem?
  7. Q187 What is the function of pupil in human eye?
  8. Q188 Which part of a computer is used to point and select an object?
  9. Q189 Which gas is used to prevent the food item from rancidity?
  10. Q190 List two processes from which it may be concluded that the particles of a gas move continuously Which entity is measured by the movement of the gas particles inside a vessel?