1. Q51 Which of the following is/are the characteristics of diversity in India?
  2. Q52 A student observed a permanent slide showing asexual reproduction in Hydra. Name the process of reproduction also write down the steps
  3. Q53 State the purpose of the soft iron core used in making an electromagnet.
  4. Q54 What provides nutrition to human sperms? State the genetic constitution of a sperm.
  5. Q55 What are the two advantages of using cloth bags over plastic bags?
  6. Q56 Mention various ways to breakdown glucose include both aerobic and anaerobic pathways.
  7. Q57 Write a note on the Indus seals.
  8. Q58 Write two uses of washing soda?
  9. Q59 HCl and HNO₃ show acidic characteristics in aqueous solution while alcohol and glucose solutions do not. Give reasons.
  10. Q60 An electric refrigerator rated 400 W is used for 8 hours a day. An electric iron box rated 750 W is used for 2 hours a day. Calculate the cost of using these appliances for 30 days, if the cost of 1 kWh is Rs.3/-.